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If you cut the potatoes thick, the outside will be crispy and the inside will be moist like wedge potatoes.
If you cut it thinly like a franchise potato, it will last a little more crispy
It's delicious to eat only french fries, but try it better with cheese sauce.
Cheese sauce can be used as a nacho sauce.

✤ Cooking ingredients
-720g potatoes (2 large ones)
-0.5 tbsp salt (rice spoon)
-2 tbsp of corn starch (rice spoon/potato starch also available)

✤ Cheese sauce
-20g unsalted butter
-0.5 tbsp flour (rice spoon)
-1 teasp of sriracha sauce (replaceable with hot sauce and red pepper powder)
-120ml milk
-108g cheddar cheese

✤ decoration
- Chili powder

-You can make the cheese sauce only with milk and cheddar cheese.
-If you eat without cheese sauce, you can mix chili powder, cumin powder, and salt and sprinkle it on potatoes.
-You can fry immediately without boiling, but you need to fry for 10 minutes or longer to cook.

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